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This versatile rug can be used as a lightweight stable rug or as an under-rug for turnout and stable rugs.   Pop it under a no-fill turnout rug for those spring and autumn days when your horse needs a little more warmth, but when a medium-weight would be too hot.  Or put under a medium-weight or heavy-weight for extra insulation when the weather gets chilly.  Fits in most domestic washing machines and dries quickly after washing, so easy to keep the layer next to your horse's skin clean.

  • 2 front fastenings
  • Cross-surcingles
  • Navy nylon outer fabric
  • Detachable leg straps
  • Low-rub nylon lining to protect shoulders and keep the coat shiny
  • 100gm filling
  • Fits our complete range of turnout rugs and stable rugs and suitable for use under many other brands too.

As an example of how the 100g Versimax can increase the flexibility of your horse's wardrobe, with just three rugs - 100g Versimax, Lightweight Turnout and Mediumweight Turnout, you can create the following combinations:

Lightweight Turnout = No fill

Lightweight Turnout plus Versimax = 100g

Mediumweight Turnout = 200g

Mediumweight Turnout plus Versimax = 300g

If you have a fully clipped horse, one that feels the cold or if you live in a cold area, then you can add a Heavyweight Turnout and have the additional options of:

Heavyweight Turnout = 400g

Heavyweight Turnout plus Versimax = 500g


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