Maxima Mix 'n' Munch


The Equine Pick 'n' Mix!

Whether you've won a competition or just feel your horse or pony has tried their best, why not reward them with our pick 'n' mix natural horse treats!  They are also great as a reward when catching in from the field or loading into a horsebox, and are perfect for 'carrot stretches' too. 

They are made from 100% natural ingredients with no molasses.  They come in a wide variety of delicious flavours (such as banana, strawberry, mint, carrot, apple cinnamon etc.) and in a range of colours and shapes including stars, hearts, rings, pellets etc.

We are bringing the Maxima Mix 'n' Munch to many major equestrian events, including HOYS and Olympia, where you will be able to fill a bucket with your own selection of treats chosen from over twenty fantastic flavours.  We have had many requests, though, from people unable to get to these shows, so are now offering the chance to purchase a pre-mixed bucket of treats from our website.



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Maxima Mix 'n' Munch Selection Bucket

A selection of natural horse treats in several delicious flavours in a plastic bucket.

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