Fly Veils / Ear Bonnets

We are pleased to introduce our new range of Fly Veils, available with or without crystal embellishment.  Made from close-knit crochet they come with lycra ears for maximum comfort and to aid a perfect fit, plus they are designed to fit snugly underneath any type of bridle without creating pressure points. They come with an integral thin crochet throat strap but they can easily be used without it as the bridle keeps the veil in place and the throat strap can be neatly tucked away underneath the veil.  Not only do they look fantastic, these fly veils are very useful too!

  • Great for horses who are sensitive to flies and insects around their ears and head - using a fly veil can reduce headshaking in such horses during the summer months, and help them to relax generally.
  • Useful for horses who dislike the general noise and buzz at shows and competitions - covering the ears of such horses has been shown to reduce stress and spookiness when working in noisy situations.

Available in a range of attractive colours - Lime, Black, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink and Red with or without crystal embellishment.  Currently three sizes are available - Pony, Cob & Full.

Plain Ear Veils: £6.99  Crystal Ear Veils: £8.99


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