Dog Coats

We are proud to introduce our range of dog coats, designed to match our horse and pony rugs!  We have 1200 denier waterproof dog coats for superb protection from wind and rain, and super-soft fleece coats to keep your pet cosy and warm.  All coats are cleverly designed and shaped to ensure freedom of movement, especially in the front legs and shoulder, and have easy to use touch and close fastenings at the chest and belly plus reflective strips for excellent visibility and safety.  Available in eight sizes to suit a wide range of dog breeds and types, from Chihuahuas upwards.

Size Guide 

Measure your dog along the top of the back from the collar area to the top of the tail.  This will give you the back length and you can then find the size in the chart below:

  Back Length Chest Depth Tummy Depth
XXXXS 10" 7.5cm 15cm
XXXS 12" 8m 18cm
XXS 14" 8.5cm 20cm
XS 16" 9cm 23cm
S 18" 9.5cm 26cm
M 20" 10.5cm 29cm
L 22" 11cm 33cm
XL 24" 13cm 35cm

Care Guide

Fleece coats - can be washed normally in a washing machine.

Waterproof coats - dirt can be brushed off when dried.  Can be machine washed, but without detergent, to preserve waterproofness.  



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Dog Coats
Dog Coats