Turnout Rug Features

Turnout Rug Features

When we exhibit at major horse shows, our horse rugs fly off our stand, as customers are able to appreciate the design and quality of our rugs for themselves.  So we have tried to recreate that experience for our website customers by bringing you this video tour of our Heavyweight Combo Turnout rug - see for yourself: 


Maxima Turnout Rugs have been cleverly designed to make life easier and more comfortable for both you and your horse.   

OUTER:  All our turnout rugs are made from a very tough 1200 Denier Ripstop outer fabric. It has a stronger thread running though the fabric crossways and lengthways. As a result if it is punctured or torn the tear will only go as far as the additional stronger threads.  

INNER: Our turnout rugs have a nylon lining that helps reduce rubbing, keeps the coat shiny and helps to repel mud and water.  No top inner seams also help preserve the horse's mane.

FASTENINGS:  Our turnout rugs fasten at the front with two adjustable trigger clips which are easy to manage when your hands are cold and wet and you are changing rugs in a hurry! 

Adapting rug from clip fastening to buckle fasteningThere is a choice of two rings to clip each strap to, plus the length of each strap is adjustable by a buckle fastening, making it easier to get an exact fit round the horse's chest.  

However, if you prefer a buckle fastening, then it is simple to slide the clips off the straps, and then thread the strap through the appropriate D-ring and back to the buckle (We recommend fastening the rugs this way if there is wire fencing in the field that your horse might be able to lean across, to reduce the risk of the rug getting caught on the fence). 

Maxima turnout rugs also feature detachable leg straps which can convert into a fillet string, plus cross over surcingles.  Our turnout rugs with detachable necks fasten with three secure fastening points.

FILLINGS: Our turnout rugs are available in a choice of lightweight (no filling), 100g, mediumweight (200g filling) or heavyweight (400g filling).

SHOULDER GUSSET: Our turnout rugs feature a shoulder gusset to allow your horse freedom of movement.

WEATHER RESISTANCE:  Our turnout rugs are completely waterproof, windproof and breathable, and come with a tail flap to give extra protection against bad weather.  The tail flap is cleverly designed to stop it lifting in high winds.

Fully adjustable double trigger clips - Maxima Equestrian Turnout Rug