Maxima Mix 'n' Munch


The Equine Pick 'n' Mix!

Winner of the Silver Award for Innovation at BETA International 2021!  Natural horse treats in a wide variety of delicious flavours (such as banana, strawberry, mint, carrot, apple cinnamon etc.) and in a range of colours and shapes including stars, hearts, rings, pellets etc.

100% natural ingredients

  • No molasses
  • No soya
  • No palm oil
  • No artificial colourings or flavourings

More Details on our Ingredients Leaflet

Maxima Mix 'n' Munch will be back at major equestrian events now restrictions have been lifted.  You will now also find Maxima Mix 'n' Munch in a number of equestrian retail stores where you will be able to fill a bucket with your own selection of treats chosen from over twenty fantastic flavours.  - list of stockists on the link below:

List of Mix 'n' Munch Stockists

We have had many requests from people who would like to order these treats online, so we are now offering a selection bucket - see below.


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Maxima Mix 'n' Munch Selection Bucket

A selection of natural horse treats in several delicious flavours in a plastic bucket.

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Maxima Mix 'n' Munch Stockists

List of equestrian retail stores in the UK that stock Maxima Mix 'n' Munch pick 'n' mix natural horse treats.